Release Notes - Version 8.0

New Features
+ Path analysis: Run enhanced version of traceroute with support for ECMP networks.
+ Packet capture on Wi-Fi agents: Run ad-hoc packet capture with results saved in pcap format.
+ Wired on Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi sensors can run tests on the Ethernet interface.
+ Activation link for new dashboard users: Added the "Get Invitation Link" option in the Users management section under NetBeez Settings.
* Agent: Cleared non-essential default system logs to free up space on SD-Cards.
* Agent: Fixed memory leak in Agent Process.
* Agent: Updated speedtest-cli to fix but when running speedtests.
* Agent: Fixed websocket handshake error for NDT on Windows.
* Agent: Fixed high CPU utilization for Mac Agents.
* API: Fixed issue where alerts would not be created properly under certain situations.
* UI: Removed scrollbars that appear in filters section of the Agent List.
* UI: Fix issue where Agent List sorting was not working after being cleared.
* UI: Fixed issue where Remote Workers Agents who were were at the license limit for Scheduled Tests could still be selected by using 'Select All' when creating or updating a Scheduled Test.
* UI: Fixed issue when configuring Alerts Users could not enable the 'Use Percentile Mean Metric' checkbox.
* UI: Fixed error message typo when creating a report under 'Reports (Beta)'.
* UI: Fixed error where URL to request the 24 hour agent breakdown on the Buzz tab graph would become to long causing some agents not to be shown.
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