Packet Capture

Packet Capture



Packet capture is available for WiFi sensors in the ad-hoc tab of the NetBeez dashboard. During this operation, the NetBeez sensor pauses real-time and scheduled tests for the duration of the packet capture process. At the end of the packet capture, you can download the captured frames in a pcap file for further analysis (using tools like Wireshark), while the sensor resumes its regular network monitoring operations.



1. Navigate to the Ad-Hoc Testing tab.

2. Click on Packet Capture.



3. Fill in options.

Source (required): The Agent that will conduct the test.

Test Duration: In seconds, a value between 10 and 600 seconds. The default value is 60 seconds.

Radio Band (required): Choose between 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz.

Channel Width (required): Choose between 20 MHz and 40 MHz (if the radio band is set to 5 GHz, 80 MHz is an additional option for channel width).

Channel Selection (required): Select channels to be included in the test.

Channel Hopping Interval: In milliseconds, must be between 10ms and 30,000ms. The default value is the duration divided by the number of channels selected.

Optional CLI Parameters: Additional information for CLI parameters can be found here.


4. Click Run to run the packet capture ad-hoc test, a file will download to your computer when complete.



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