Release Notes - Version 8.1

Release Notes - Version 8.1

New Features

+ Path Analysis Support for Windows Remote Worker Agent.
+ New Scheduled Test tab on Agent Details.

+ UI: Improved Scheduled test error display.
+ UI: Improved Agents Sidebar that includes the ability to search for agents and a "Recently viewed" area which shows the last 5 viewed agents.
+ UI: Added filtering for Buzz tab Incident timelines.
+ UI: Added support for comparing two Path Analysis runs at the same time.
+ UI: Improved performance of Beta Network Status Report for large instances.
+ UI: Add close button when viewing a Beta Report.
+ UI: When viewing Beta Reports, if an Agent in the report exists on the Dashboard you can click on the Agent name to be brought the Agent Details.
+ UI: When a User navigates away from the Reports tab while viewing a Report and navigates back to the Reports tab the User will be returned to the Report that was being viewed.
+ UI: Agent, NbTest, Target, and Scheduled Tests now show when they were created.
+ UI: Added a "run-now" button when viewing a Scheduled Test that will cause the Scheduled Test to run immediately.
+ UI: Improved x axis display for Report graphs.
+ UI: When a User navigates away from the Tests tab while viewing a Scheduled Test and navigates back to the Tests tab the User will be returned to the Scheduled Test that was being viewed.
+ Agent: When server reports Agent license limit has is reached Agent will suspend connection attempts for up to 30 minutes to limit unnecessary server communication.
+ Agent: Updated error message when a DNS query returns no results.
+ Agent: Added ability to ping connected WiFi gateway to to verify connectivity and attempted reconnection if no ping is returned.
+ Agent: Scheduled tests are no longer interrupted when WiFi Network is set to periodically reconnect.
+ Agent: Made improvements to Path Analysis capture to resolve some tests taking several minutes to complete.
+ Server: Performance improvement for API that returned 24 hour aggregate alert counts to improve Dashboard load times.
+ Server: Improved the way test counters are calculated to improve loading performance.
+ Server: NbTest API was refactored with improved filtering.
+ Server: Improved the way Alert Detectors are created to improve loading performance.
+ Server: Improved NbTest initialization to improve loading performance.

Bug Fixes
+ Agent: fixed issue where Windows Remote Worker Agent process gets stuck causing connections/disconnections.
+ Agent: Fixed issue where Windows Remote Worker Agent was causing high memory utilization.
+ Server: Fixed issue in NbTest Summary Status API which did not take into account Agent Groups.
+ Server: Fixed issue during Agent Registration process that prevents an Agent from registering and showing as connected to the Dashboard.
+ Server: If Agent was not assigned a unique name the Agent name no longer shows as 'N/A' and used a default name when generating a Network Status Report.
+ Server: Fixed issue where too many server processes would be created for the provided hardware.
+ Server: Fixed issue where deleting an Agent would inappropriately lock the whole database table.
+ Server: Fixed issue where some WiFi events were not send to UI.
+ Server: Fixed initialization that would prevent services from booting.
+ Server: Fixed issue in V1 Scheduled NbTest Result API.
+ UI: Fixed issue with User management tooltip appearing over the wrong user.
+ UI: Fixed issue where Beta Reports Table would show an error.
+ UI: Fixed issue where sometimes Agents would not be presenting when viewing a Target.
+ UI: Fixed issue where Wired-on-Wireless icon for real time graph would show both Wireless and Wired-on-Wireless icons.
+ UI: Fixed issue where Users could set hop number above maximum allowed when configuring a Traceroute Test.
+ UI: Fixed error that would occur during Report configuration where Agent did not have a name set by the User.
+ UI: Fixed issue where Ad-hoc IPerf Tests did not show results.
+ UI: Fixed display issue when being source Agents on Scheduled Tests.
+ UI: Fixed issue with Scheduled Test creation wizard where test would not save.

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