User Security

User Security

Forgot Password / Reset Password

If a user forgets their password they can follow these steps:

1. On the dashboard login screen, the user will click Forgot Password?:



2. The user will need to enter their email address and click Submit:



3. The user will receive an email in their inbox (make sure they check the spam folder).

4. The user will need to click the Change My Password link in the email:



5. The user will need to fill in the Password, Confirm Password, and Security Question fields. See the Password Complexity section below for help creating a new password.

6. Then the user will need to click Reset Password.



Password Complexity

When creating a new password, the user needs to follow the below requirements:

  • Contains 1 uppercase letter
  • Contains 1 lowercase letter
  • Contains 1 number
  • Contains at least 8 characters


Unlocking An Account

When logging in, if a user tries to log in five times with the incorrect password, the account will be locked. The user will not be able to log in until going through the account unlocking steps below:

1. When a user is locked out of their account and sees the below screen:


2. User needs to check their email and spam folder for an email with "Unlock Instructions" in the subject. If you do not see an email, click on the "here" link on the login page. (Click here to receive another email). The below email will look like this:



3. Inside the email, click Unlock my account.

4. User will be directed to the login page and will have 5 more attempts to enter the correct username and password.

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