Release Notes - Version 9.0

Release Notes - Version 9.0

New Features

+ PC Performance Metrics: Review real-time and historical CPU, RAM, and HDD consumption from remote network agents and endpoints

+ ISP Reporting: NetBeez automatically assign tags to remote agents that report ASN and ISP name.

+ Single Sign-on with Microsoft Azure AD: When enabled by the NetBeez system's administrator, users will be able to sign in to their NetBeez dashboard using their Azure Active Directory credentials.


+ Agent: Increased Path Analysis test timeout to allow for longer running Path Analysis tests.
+ Agent: Changed the way the Agent uses nmap.
+ UI: Users can now see an Agent's Agent Groups when viewing the Agent List.
+ UI: Made name input more visible when creating a Scheduled Test.
+ UI: Improved Agent Incident timeline seen on the Buzz tab.
+ UI: Added a refresh button to allow for re-fetching of a Path Analysis graph.
+ UI: Minor Agent sidebar improvements.
+ UI: Added new endpoint to allow for the fetching of alert counts for Agents.


Bug Fixes

* Agent: Resolves issue when Agent on installed an Ubuntu 20.0.4 operating systems logging was not working.
* Agent: Fixed issue where Wireless Agents would run Path Analysis test correctly.
* Agent: Resolved issue where Agent would not send test results when it was disconnected from the WebSocket with the server and reconnects.
* Agent: Fixed issue where Path Analysis command would be killed prematurely and not send the necessary error to the server.
* Agent: Resolved issue where in some cases an Agent wouldn't resume Periodic Tests after running a Scheduled Test.
* API: Fixed issue where upgrade migration would fail and need manual intervention.
* API: Resolved issue where available hostnames would not be saved in Path Analysis results if the IP address was in a private IP address space.
* API: Fixed issue where WiFi networks tab was not showing incident counts for each WiFi network.
* API: Fixed issue where Incidents would still show on the WiFi Incidents timeline event if the WiFi network was deleted.
* API: Resolved issue where invalid HTTP test authentication was pushed to the Agent incorrectly causing the test authentication to fail.
* API: API keys that were turned off via the UI would not prevent API calls from being authorized.
* API: Resolved issue when an Agent Group filter was applied to the Agents endpoint it would incorrectly filter associated Agent Groups for each Agent incorrectly.
* API: Fixed issue where Agent test limit updates were not broadcasted on test changes.
* API: Fixed issue where Scheduled Test Conditions that were removed were still applied.
* UI: Resolved issue when configuring a Target Remote Workers Agents will be disabled when assigning agents in cases where license test limits have been reached.
* UI: Fixed issue where a Path Analysis node RTT average would be skewed by hops that returned an RTT of 0.
* UI: Fixed issue where in some cases scheduled tests would not show up in the Scheduled Tests tab when viewing an Agent's details.
* UI: Fixed issue where in some cases Users we unable to add Path Analysis on target creation.
* UI: Fixed issue when viewing more information about a Network Interface the tooltip would not stay in place when scrolled.
* UI: Resolved issue where Alert counts when viewing a Path Analysis tests for an Agent could appear incorrectly.
* UI: Fixed issue where configuring a Packet Loss alert would actually create an RTT alert.
* UI: Resolves issue where form errors would prevent new Target tests from being added.
* UI: Fixed issue when creating a Path Analysis tests for a Target validation messages would not clear.
* UI: Fixed minor display issues in Wifi Hopping Group wizard.
* UI: Fixed minor display issues when viewing the Scheduled Tests tab for an Agent.
* UI: Fixed issue when a User is notified a report is ready to be viewed, clicking the view button would do nothing when not on the Reports tab.
* UI: Fixed minor display issue when viewing an Ad-Hoc test result.
* UI: Resolves issue where the Agent List was not updated when an Agent was deleted, the Agent would still be present in the list.
* UI: Fixed issue when deleting a Scheduled Test the UI would incorrectly display an error message before being redirected back to the Scheduled Test list.
* UI: Fixed issue where Agent test limit warning would not take Path Analysis tests into account so the warning would not display.
* UI: Fixed issue where only Network Agent Incidents were being displayed on the Buzz tab Agent Incidents timeline.
* UI: Fixed issue where clicking on an Agent from a Target Path Analysis tests would show incorrect Target Destination on Path Analysis tab.
* UI: Resolved issue where the Traceroute graph on an Agent Report would not render the data correctly.
* UI: Fixed issue when viewing an Agent's scheduled network speed the results returned were for all Agents, not just the Agent viewed.
* UI: Resolved issue where Target HTTP test creation would behave incorrectly when using an http:// address.
* UI: Resolved issue when viewing a Path Analysis test the Alerts graph would not render correctly.
* UI: Fixed issue on Network Status Reports where sorting and then filtering data would display the data incorrectly.
* UI: Fixed issue when configuring LDAP enterprise authentication with Role Mapping on, UI would not validate properly if Role Mapping fields were empty.
* UI: Fixed issue when viewing a Path Analysis tests in DNS mode, nodes that should not be clickable were showing pointer cursor implying they could be clicked.
* UI: Resolved issue when viewing a Container Agent details the information tooltip would show invalid configuration for the docker command.
* UI: Fixed issue where Users with read-only access could modify Agent Groups and acknowledge incidents.
* UI: Fixed issue when editing Alert Detector and current values were not being shown.
* UI: Resolved issue where some Target resources were being shown multiple times under the target destination dropdown.
* UI: Fixed issue where Path Analysis timeline graph was not extending to the edges of the graph area.

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