ISP Tagging


Agents connecting to the dashboard report ISP and ASN information:

  • ISP name, which is the name of the internet service provider that the remote user connects to.
  • Autonomous System Number (ASN), which is a specific network number that belongs to that specific ISP.

This information can help reduce troubleshooting time by making it easy to identify ISP issues affecting multiple agents.


Agent List View

To view and filter ISP and ASN on the agent list view, do the below steps:

1. Navigate to the agent list view, by clicking on the Agents tab:


2. To enable the ISP and ASN columns, click on the Columns button:



3. Click the checkboxes next to ISP and ASN and click Apply:



4. Now ISP and ASN columns will be visible on the agent list view:



Agent Details

The ISP and ASN information are available on the agent details view as well. Click on any agent and view the information in the header:


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