Release Notes - Version 9.1


+ Server: Upgrades nginx to version 1.21.4 which patches CVE-2021-23017

+ API: Improved performance of Aggregate Wifi Metrics endpoint which populates data for the "Filter By Agent Performance" graph when viewing a Wifi Network details.

+ UI: Removed shown time period for "Endpoint Resources" when viewing a test as the time period does not pertain to CPU usage or RAM usage.


Bug Fixes

* UI: Fixes issue where the network interface icon would display incorrect status when the agent became unreachable.

* UI: Fixes an issue introduced with 9.0 where the agents don't get initialized correctly when the dashboard is loaded and the targets don't display correct information in the target details view.

* UI: Fixed issue where Users with read-only access could edit an Agent's name, even though that was not being persisted on the database.


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