Azure - Running a NetBeez Docker Container in Azure Container Service

This article explains how to create an Azure container agent.


Running the below command in PowerShell will create the latest NetBeez docker agent in Azure's Container service. You must specify the required NetBeez environment variables in order for the agent to connect to your dashboard.

az container create --resource-group <MyResourceGroup> --name <Container Name> --image netbeez/nb-agent:latest --environment-variables NB_SECRET_KEY=<DASHBOARD_SECRET_KEY>

Additional parameters can be passed using the `--environment-variables` flag. See the Docker hub page for available parameters and see the Azure CLI reference documentation for usage and additional Azure configuration options.

Full Azure syntax:

az container create
--resource-group <variable>
--name <variable>
--image netbeez/nb-agent:latest
--environment-variables NB_SECRET_KEY=<key omitted> AGENT_UUID=<ID omitted>
--azure-file-volume-account-key <key omitted>
--vnet <variable>
--vnet-address-prefix <variable>
--subnet <variable>
--subnet-address-prefix <variable>

Reference Documenation:

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