Release Notes - Version 9.2


+ UI: Improved general data management of the dashboard.
+ UI: Improved report searching on the Reports Beta tab.
+ UI: Optimized column sizes for Alerts tables.
+ UI: Removed Endpoint Resources time window when viewing a test details as the time window does not apply to endpoint resources.
+ API: Agent deletion requests can now be deleted via public API.
+ API: Optimize queries accessing Access Point Connection data.
+ API: Optimized aggregate wifi metrics query which would take a long time to return when viewing the Wifi tab on the dashboard.
+ API: Added `error_states` filter to Agent Access Point Connection public API.
+ API: Fixes issue where past Path Analysis results sent from the agent were being persisted even though the Path Analysis test has been stopped.


Bug Fixes

* UI: Fixed issue where selecting an incident on a details page results in highlighting on buzz tab.
* UI: Fixed typo of Scheduled Tests tab.
* UI: Fixed issue where read-only users could change agent names.
* UI: Fixes issue when running an ad hoc packet capture would fail be process by the server in some cases due to an integer not being sent.
* API: Fixed issue where emails where not reflecting proper NetBeez office address.
* API: Fixed issue where Agent ISP information would not get updated properly.
* API: Fixed issue where in some cases Path Analysis visualization data would raise an exception and fail to generate.
* API: Fixed issues where alert emails were attempted to be sent when no global contacts or target contacts were specified.
* API: Fixed issue where SMTP configuration provided by NetBeez was not updated properly.

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