Release Notes - Version 10.0

Release Notes - Version 10.0

New Features

+ VPN Monitoring: Targets can now be configured to run tests only when the VPN interface is connected for assigned agents. This helps eliminate false positive alerts in NetBeez when performing tests that only exist while connected to a VPN.

+ Scheduled Test Results Visualization: Enhanced the user interface that permits to quickly sort through hundreds or thousand of scheduled tests results, improving filtering and searching for agents that don't meet satisfy specific Service Level Agreements.



+ Agent: Improved reboot logic for when wireless fails to connect.
+ Agent: In some cases Scheduled network speed tests would silently fail and report all zero results, these types of results now are interpreted as a test error.
+ Agent: Added Appgate SDP as a detectible VPN.
+ Agent: Improved retrieving of network speed tests server list.
+ API: Improved performance of Path Analysis APIs that could cause memory or CPU spikes in some servers.
+ API: Consolidated and improved Test transitions into a new API
+ API: Improved communicating of the test counters to the UI.
+ API: Improved clean up of stopped tests that can cause the server to no initialize.
+ API: Improved clean up of stopped scheduled tests.
+ API: Improved clean up of Traceroute data that has passed the set retention period.
+ API: Improved query of Access Point Connections that would cause long load times when viewing some WiFi related information in the UI.
+ API/Server: Improved server component initialization of Agents data from the API.
+ UI: Wireless Agents now report warning message when Agent is not connected to a WiFi network.
+ UI: NDT speed tests servers are no longer used starting with Agent version 9.2.4, NDT server field is optional to maintain backwards compatibility while being depreciated.
+ UI: Highlight Name Input Box for New Agent Group.
+ UI: Add a y-axis unit to Path Analysis test/alert graph.
Server: Addressed security vulnerabilities in docker images.


Bug fixes

* Agent: Fixed issue where MacOS and Windows Agent's running network speed test with a provided server would report it could not find the server.
* Agent: Fixed issue where tests were not pausing when WiFi dongle is removed.
* Agent: Fixed issue where MacOS installer auto-updates even when box auto-update box is unchecked.
* API: Fixed issue where test counters would encounter anomalies under certain alert mode changes.
* API: Fixed issue in Beta Network Status report where failure icon is missing in table data when failed percentage is high.
Server: Fixed issue where server would not initialize properly when Test has no Target id.
* UI: Fixed memory leak when viewing Agent Details.
* UI: Fixed issue that would prevent he uploading of certificates and keys for a WiFi Network.
* UI: Fixed issue where the Target thumbnail view would show the wrong test counts.
* UI: Fixed issue where special characters used in proxy passwords would cause an error.
* UI: Fixed issue where deleting an Agent Group throws an error.
* UI: Fixed issue where iPerf reverse option is missing from Scheduled Tests.
* UI: Fixed issue where Wired on Wireless tests wouldn't show up on Agent details unless page was refreshed.
* UI: Fixed issue Tooltip in Scheduled Test Details would disappear when UI received an event.
* UI: Fixed issue in legacy reports expand collapse buttons icons are reversed.
* UI: Fixed issue where Agent Groups could not be assigned or unassigned from Agent Details.
* UI: Fixed issue when Agent is reassigned from a WiFi Hopping Group to a WiFi Network the WiFi Network would loose target results.
* UI: Fixed issue where navigating backward while using the Target wizard does not retain values.
* UI: Fixed issue where changes to a WiFi Network or WiFi Hopping Group would no reflected updated changes unless a page refresh was performed.
* UI: Fixed issue where iPerf and VoIP Packet Loss graph doesn't show Y axis or bar.
* UI: Fixed issue where after deleting a WiFi Hopping Group perviously viewed WiFi Networks would appear multiple times.
* UI: Fixed issue where the WiFi Network selection when editing an Agent's Network Interface would not reflect the actual assigned WiFi Network.
* UI: Fixed issue where currently assigned Agent Groups were not pre-selected when editing Agent Group assignment on Agent Details.
* UI: Fixed issue where test counters were not updated after adding or removing Agent's from a Target.
* UI: Fixed issue where some Incidents were shown as not cleared when viewing a Target.

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