Release Notes - Version 10.1

Release Notes - Version 10.1

New Features

+ Gateway testing: Using a new unique address `_gateway_`, you can now create a Target Ping test to test the agent's gateway.

+ Ubuntu Operating System Upgrade: All servers will upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. It is recommended that all on-prem customers take backups or snapshots of their NetBeez servers before installing 10.1.

+ Docker Upgrade: All servers will upgrade to the `20.10.15` version of Docker.



+ Agent: Windows Agents now use a Powershell command to find the correct interface for Path Analysis.
+ API: Database performance improvements for Tests.
+ API: Added new Alert Detector API for filtering and retrieving of available system and user-created Alert Detectors
+ API: Added ability to filter Agents API by `active_ts` range.
+ UI: When assigning Agents to a target error messages will now be presented if the Agent is already at its test limit and becomes disabled and unable to assign to the target.
+ UI: Added ISP Name when viewing Agents Schedule Test Results.
+ UI: Reduced Alert Detector Events when Dashboard is first loaded.


Bug Fixes

* Agent: Fixed issue when processing some Websocket messages.
* API: Fixed issue where Agent deletion would sometimes not complete due to timeout.
* API: Fixed issue where data for the legacy Scheduled Tests Report API call would return an empty response.
* API: Fixed issue where API logs could become extremely large on servers with 100+ agents due to Agent Performance Metrics.
* API: Fixed issue where filtering Agents API by `critical_alerts` or `warning_alerts` would not return all matching agents.
* API: Fixed issue where Wireless Agents would sometimes register as a Wired Agent but would fix itself when restarting the agent.
* API: Fixed issue where Scheduled Test Results on Wireless agents would lose associated SSID after 24 hours.
* API: Fixed issue with VoIP Scheduled Test Results where statistical calculations were skewed due to `0.0` values even though the Agent reported an error.
* API: Fixed issue where Targets could not be edited due to inactive Agents that were assigned to it.
* API: Fixed issue when requesting Agent to be deleted it would not get queued for deletion.
* API: Fixed issue where Path Analysis Results were presenting ports as strings instead of integers causing the UI Path Analysis visualization to show all nodes as termination nodes.
* UI: Fixed issue where viewing a Path Analysis visualization would show unexplained loopbacks.
* UI: Fixed issue where Scheduled Test Breakdown Chart was not fetching all available data if Scheduled Test had more than 500 agents assigned.
* UI: Fixed issue when viewing the list of VoIP Scheduled Tests the Source Agents would show as "0 Agents".
* UI: Fixed issue where Scheduled Test Result Metrics were not rounded to two decimals correctly.
* UI: Fixed inconsistencies when creating Anomaly Detectors.
* UI: Fixed validation inconsistencies when editing SMTP settings.
* UI: Fixed issue where it was possible to create a legacy scheduled report without a preset which would cause an error when editing or deleting a scheduled report.
* UI: Fixed issue where Scheduled Test lists were not sorting numeric values correctly.
* UI: Fixed issue where configuration would not be cleared when creating a new Scheduled Test if you had previously started to create a Scheduled Test.
* UI: Fixed issue during Target creation where clicking the back button would duplicate Target resources.
* UI: Fixed issue when viewing a Target sometimes the status of the assigned Agents wouldn't match up.
* UI: Fixed issue where Target histogram would have an incorrect label.
* UI: Fixed issue when assigning Agents to a Target and only one Agent is present in the list, and that Agent has a warning icon, hovering over the icon would cause the tooltip to continuously flash.
* UI: Fixed issue where clicking reset wasn't resetting the Scheduled Test table to the default state after clicking the 3D checkbox.
* UI: Fixed issue where Target Test resource rows don't update on Target creation.

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