Gateway Testing

Gateway Testing

Available since: v10.1


Gateway testing gives the ability to define a generic _gateway_ target that the agent translates locally to its default gateway. The remote worker agents test the wired gateway if it is connected via Ethernet, otherwise, they test the wireless gateway if it is connected via WiFi. The network agents can test both wired and wireless gateways simultaneously depending on how the target is configured.

Note: Only ping tests can be added to targets using gateway testing; DNS, HTTP, Traceroute, and Path Analysis are disabled.



Setting Up Gateway Testing

There are two ways to enable gateway testing: create a new target or edit an existing target.

Creating A New Target

1. Navigate to the Targets tab and then click Add Target.


2. Click on Custom Targtet and click Next.



3. On step 2 of the Custom Target Setup Wizard, input _gateway_ in the address field and add a ping test.


3. Complete the Target Setup Wizard.


Editing An Existing Target

1. Click on the Target tab and select a target.


2. Click on the cog and then Edit Target.



3. Create a new resource and input _gateway_ in the address field and add a ping test.


4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.


Accessing Test Results

1. Click the Agents tab and click an agent with gateway testing enabled.



2. Observe the gateway testing results on the agent details page.



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